Monday, April 07, 2008

Turning 28...

I recently celebrated a birthday….my 28th. And like always, I was quite reflective, which I guess is not too different than my everyday routine, but maybe just different. I had a good look at my last year of life…where I had been and where I thought I was going. And I realized a few basic things, which are sort of empowering and heartbreakingly normal.

I realized that I was sad last year for a lot of reasons but basically because I was in transition. Because my heart was broken and because I was lost.

I realized that I am quite happy now…at least today….and on a growing trend, most of the time.

I realized that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Which is ok in my world and I am sort of surprised by that.

I’ve had an amazing 28 years. Certainly uncommon in some aspects, and quite normal and run of the mill in others, I am living a good life. I am grateful for the brilliant, amazing, loving and life giving people that have crossed my path. I am in a place of gratefulness, something I don’t express often and probably should. I am content and challenged at the same time and that is quite OK with me. I am moving forward and find hope in that, loving the moments when I am “schooled” on my faults, misgivings, imperfections and random moments of forgetfulness.

I am happy with the woman I am becoming and I look forward to viewing progress in the future. But for the time being I am living for this day.

This year I am going to work on some things…namely gratitude and self-judgment. But in all…life is quite good!