Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Barrio

Ten minutes on the South West Side
muchachos walking out of the house
a lot of drugs sold from there...

The buracho sauntering in a zig zag
down the walk way
a wool hat on his head in the middle of May.

Church bells ring a tune of Ave Mara
a woman speaks a little louder over the phone -
an important cal from Jalisco.

A Hot Rod races by
Spanish Rap blaring with a forceful base
a quick toot of the horn
to acknowledge the woman passing by...
(I’m not part of her business, so eye contact is avoided).

A young couple talk for a bit
a welcomed distraction
from the car engine that needs fixin
A yellow traffic light turns to read
two cars beat the chase
not worth the time of the policia
walking into the greasy spoon.

I can hear the radio off in the distance
Mariachis with their love ballads
I can just make out the strums of the guitars
as the neighbors pit bulls bark at a kid on a bike.

The avion flies overhead
and I wonder where it’s going
Most of my neighbors never came to
Mexican town by a plane
they walked from the southern border
some have the same zapatos
I could never wear them.

As I step inside
Rafael yells across the street
"Como estas?"
I nod and yell "Muy Bien!"
As I open the door to my casa...
I know I am home.

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Chris said...

Mego, time to update this blog!!!

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in El Salvador... THE Salvador!