Friday, January 01, 2010

Greetings to a New Year - 2010

I’m sitting here looking out the window at the snow-covered back yard sipping my Moroccan tea and reflecting on all the great things I am thankful for. It’s a new year and transitions like these are a good time to take stock.

Today I am grateful for the stillness in my heart, for the place of calm that I now rest in. Waking up to a lack of stress is a good thing. Living my day with hope and generosity is even better. I’m glad that these days I feel very centered and generally connected.

Today I am grateful for my family, as we have endured a great deal together. There is a sense of resilience about us, and some profound wisdom that we hold in our hearts. Even though I live far away from many of my family members, I think of them daily as part of the fabric of who I am in the world.

Today I am grateful for the people I share my daily life with, my friends, co-workers, classmates, community members and seemingly random individuals that I keep in my thoughts. These connections, however brief, are what sustain me as I look to find evidence in the world that I am not alone and that I am truly loved and capable of reciprocating that. Friendship and soulful interactions reach into the core of me.

Today I am grateful for my location in the world. I am glad that I call my Chicago life “home” and that this beautiful and difficult transition came with support and care from others. I am encouraged that Latin America is always in my thoughts and that one day I will return with great anticipation. And I continually yearn for the fresh breaths of New England ocean air, that even a glimpse in my dream can keep me going. I look forward to a new year of exploring the excitement of the city as well as the beauty of nature.

Today I am grateful for my journey of spirituality. I am glad that I do not settle for the story at hand but intentionally dig deeper to find soul. I am surprised to find that for as long as I left the church, my self still felt connected. That means something to me. Yet beyond a doubt, I am most grateful to find that I continue to grow in relationship despite my efforts of preoccupation and persistence at pushing away.

Today I am grateful for the relative safety that I live within. Despite a recession and these uncertain times, I do not spend my days looking over my shoulder. I do not live in a location where war, torture and occupation exist. And despite my involvement in these evils with tax dollars, I do not feel discouraged in using my voice. I will continue to work in resisting the oppression of the poor, the imprisoned, the tortured, the occupied, the violated, the bombed, the weak of heart and all those who daily face the product of humanity gone wrong.

As I begin to live my life in the year 2010 I look forward to the many surprises, challenges and connections that will be made. I’m eager to work on some goals (not resolutions) to expand my capacity to love and live well and I am happy to welcome a new year of life con muchos saludos, amor y paz!