Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye

A couple of days ago I took off work and headed for Rhode Island; the place I went to college and the place where my heart feels at rest these days. I met a friend and we walked like 10 miles on the Newport Cliff Walk (ok, more like 2 miles but it felt like more). We drove around and looked at the houses, passed by beautiful picturesque scenes, talked about life and had some good laughs. Then we went to this river she knew of, and inlet to the Narragansett Bay. After a somewhat quick change in the car on the side of the road under the guise of a towel I was ready for swimming. Well, it was more like wading in the mud. After all the rain, the silt was all soft and I pretty much sank as I tried to walk in the waste deep water. I didn’t last too long there and we decided to go to the tide pools instead. The tide was coming in so I could swim around and find creatures. The water was a little chilly and I hyperventilated a bit (due to the cold and the initial idea of sharks and other creatures below). But it was a nice swim and more good conversation. Then dinner with some more friends at a favored watering hole. And then lying on a blanket on the quad…talking some more and drawing out the inevitable.

You see, my friend is leaving. She is beginning a new phase of her life. And for a change, I am not going anywhere.

I’ve said goodbye to friends and loved ones before but somehow it’s different when I am the one going away. There is a preparation ahead of time…a rehearsal in my mind of the last hug and kiss. And I can get use to the idea over and over again with each departing. Plus there is the excitement of change. But when someone else leaves there is no rehearsal. It’s a one-time deal. And a hard realization that I am staying and she is going. And although we will miss each other, moving on to good things is bitter sweet no matter who leaves.

It’s like when I move away to other countries. There are people I wish I could take with me and experience life with. And maybe they will visit for a few weeks (that never happens) but I always want to share those moments with people who are special to me. Which is probably why I write.

This friend of mine…we will keep in touch…talk on the phone…visit over breaks and someday, who knows, we may even live next door to each other. But for now, I am in CT and she is out in the big world and it was simply hard to say goodbye.

But life goes on…and I can count on that.

Today I left work early because I caught a cold/the plague. So I did some work at home…I took a nap (I love naps), I watched a movie, ate some good food, blew my nose a bunch, took a shower and drank lots of healthy tea (I love tea). Thank heavens I have AC. And I am certainly glad that all I have is a cold…because it could always be so much worse…

On that note…off to do some more work before bed and another early start tomorrow to do it all over again! Oh the routines in life!


Delia said...

I have read your diary , It was so nice and you express your feelings in a good way and I enjoy of your writtings. I do write my blog too but my blog is in persian ,(my mother languae) I think I can not share with you my blog but I will add your blog to my list and come to see you soon again.
Be happy and keep smiling ,
Your unknown friend , in the world , Delaram

Marisa said...

Hey Meg! The crazy loud person that doesn't visit your office anymore here! Found your blog off facebook. I feel like I'm reading the story of my life in your post about going away vs seeing someone else leave! When I go to a new place - it's definitely that "this is going to be a good adventure" and I often forget how it feels to be the one at home that wonders what is happening. Just recently I realized I need to start writing home more, because while my new adventures in India take most of my time the people back home (aka my family) is often times wondering what I am doing and miss me. Granted, I feel all the same things you mentioned - I wish they could come with me and such - but for some reason I become to self-absorbed and forget to keep in touch back home!

In any case, sweet post. Mind if if I add you only my bloglist?

Marisa said...

PS - Newport cliff walk is beautiful!!