Wednesday, December 01, 2004


It’s Turkey Day 2004 and once again, I am without my family. Last year I missed this day because I was in Belize. I didn’t so much mind not participating in Thanksgiving then because I was doing something else that was meaningful in my life. I did miss my family that day, but I knew that I would see them within the next month. And I guess I also didn’t mind being without my family then, because Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Belize, and that means that there are not constant reminders all around me of what I am missing. However, this year is a bit different.

I decided not to accept my fathers offer to buy an expensive plane ticket to bring me home for the holiday. Instead I decided to stay in Detroit and maybe grow from the experience. I thought that by not getting the plane ticket, that I would be more mindful of simplicity in my life. I also thought, that if another community member also decided to stay in Detroit, that I might also be able to keep that person company. Maybe in some small way, if I stay in Detroit as well, we might be able to care for each other. Of course, these lofty ideas change.

At the very least, I am learning about the importance of family (the hard way). Today I think of all the people out there who are spending Thanksgiving alone. I think of the people who have no one to care for them. I know that people like this exist, and maybe I will gain a little more compassion for them in this experience. through empathy.

Now I do have people who care for me, and I never forget that. However, being away from them is a challenge.

Through the years, I’ve learned the importance of thanking the Lord for the blessings in my life. I know that things can change very quickly

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