Monday, July 12, 2004

ESL Lessons

So here I am, searching the internet for ESL lessons for Julio. Can I find anything that will help him? The answer is no!!! The ESL stuff on the internet is so...not right for him. Then there are these books that cost money.

He is learning his simple greetings now, but he needs help on pronouncing things. Somehow the spanish language and the english language have some gaps when it comes to the alphabet and speaking. Then ofcourse he knows certain vocabulary words, but putting them in a sentence is far beyond expectations at this point.

I try to think back to what it was like when I was first learning spanish. I remember the "Me gusta" movie and churros. I remember flamenco dancing and trying to pronouce things like a real spanish speaker. Somehow I forgot all the dynamics of the whole thing.

Teaching english in Belize was differnt. At least they spoke the language there. Their grammar might have been off, but at least they undertood things and the lesson was in English. Now, I speak more spanish in my english lesson than I probably should.

Then there's the culture factor. Julio likes to talk about his country and his family...IN SPANISH. I love listening to him and I understand about 70-80% of what he says, but he can't say anything in english.

Anyway, I will keep searching ciberspace and maybe, just maybe I will come up with something good. Until then, tomorrows lesson will be homegrown...that is, I will be making it up! Won't that be always!

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