Monday, July 19, 2004

Packing for a new place...

There is this passage in the bible where Jesus tells his guys to go out by two and proclaim the word.  He says to pack light (a tunic and some sandels and no money),,,basically, they are to rely on the hospitality of others.  Jesus says that they are like "lambs among wolves," but that everything will be provided for them, and that they will be protected.
You see, I am leaving soon...being sent out "like a lamb among wolves," and I'm trying to live very simply.  I'm trying to think more about hospitality than materialism.  But I have so much stuff and it all sort of clogs my mind.  I have been wondering lately if Jesus' instructions hold true for today.  If I packed just a change of clothing, would I be ok?  I tend to think no...but then again, I could be REALLY wrong.
I met a German traveler once.   A guy that was a couple years younger than me.  He came to Belize with one change of clothes, a toothbrush and some money.  His idea was to rely on the hospitality of those around him and just experience life for a bit.  It turned out that he met a girl when he got off the plane.  She was younger than she was...and she asked if he wanted to come to her house.  He agreed.  Well, it turns out that she was the sister of a girl that I was counseling and he came to the home for a day.  We talked a lot that day and I learned a lot from him.  Even though is relationship with the girl was a little "fishy," I felt that his heart was in the right place. He wanted to know more about life from another perspective.  And in a way, I guess thats what I want most days.   And I admired this young traveler because he seemed to have no attachment to material things.  He came with so little and left with so much more.
I started packing my bags today, wondering what to bring for the next year.  Are ten pairs of pants too much?  How many CD's should I pack?  What about books, and shampoo...and all those other things that just seem to have a place in my life?  Should those things be packed or is the question the answer to my dilema?
At any rate...I think I am a little off from my idea self (at least in terms of materialism and packing)...but at least the though counts...right?
Simplicity is probably best, although it's not so simple in my head!

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