Friday, July 16, 2004

My New Haircut...

So today I got a new haircut because my old hair style made me look like a shaggy dog.  Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but hair was in my eyes and it was driving me totally buggy!  Anyway, today's latest style is really short...which I was planning on.  I figure that if it's really short now, then it will take a few months to grown and drive me nuts again. 
But the thing is, now that my hair is so short, it sort of makes me look like a boy!  How funny is that!?  I'm sure that I have some sort of butch thing going on here, but I have confirmation that this style looks "really cute" on me.  So that's what I'm going on!  Besides, I'm ALL woman...and who could make a  mistake with on that one...I certainly have enough God! :)
At anyrate, this is my genderbending task of the day.  Ofcouse I've been doing things like this since the begining of my time (like the time I told the lady cutting my hair to cut it shorter than my dad told her...and she listened to me)! 
So the new Mego look is short and cute...not like a boy, but a little more of that sophisticated geek chic!  ya, that's it...

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