Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I took a nap today, and I think it worked. I get a lot figured out during those times of rest. Our fast paced society doesn't allow for rest in the middle of the day, but I think it's really useful. Call me counter cultural, but I believe that taking even a short nap during the day is more productive. I think the whole "siesta" way of life is the way to go. Think about it...have a big lunch with family and friends...lay in a hammmock for a bit...go back to work refreshed!

Personally, I get a lot done when I take naps. In college I had the chance to take a nap every once in a while. I even had my own blanket on campus (thanks Carol). I would map out and write whole papers in my head during naptime. When I got up I was refreshed and ready to crank the assignment out. If I was in a bad mood, the nap would let me rest my head and regain my SELF. Generally, napping was a really great thing for me.

Today, at least lately, I'm not too busy. Most days I wake up around 10AM. I don't have too many worries or stresses to bog me down. I go about my day at a pretty slow pace. I get to watch kids play as I wait in line at the library. I watch busy people rush in and out of the coffee shop. I surf the internet to do research, and I get to read books and watch movies. But most days when I am at home, I still schedule in a nap.

At 3 or 4pm, I rest for a few hours and I wake up totally rejuvinated. Not to mension the fact that I still get a lot done. These days I'm solving bigger problems in my sleep. Lately, world hunger and peace on earth are my biggest priorities. I'm making my way through the issues in a philosophical sense, and it no time, I will have things figured out!

Meanwhile, I will attribute any breakthroughs to taking naps...because really, what else could it be?

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